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Dr Lisa Hunt

Dr Lisa Hunt came to the practice as a registrar in 2006 and since she enjoyed the experience so much, she decided to stay and become a Partner. She deals with all the dispensing stuff, supports the training  of nurse and pharmacist independent prescribers and after completing a diploma in therapeutics in 2020, has become the cluster representative for the Powys prescribing group. She represents  the practice at the cluster meetings and the LMC.


Originally from Devon, and having trained in Cardiff and Wrexham, she now lives just over the  border near the Shropshire market town of Oswestry.

She would love to have time for a hobby, but she's usually too busy taking her kids to various sports clubs. When she gets times she tries to escape for a run or a Pilates class.

Dr LIsa Hunt covid ready.jpg
Dr Lisa Hunt.jpg

Dr Hunt on the top of the Moelydd just outside Oswestry

Dr Hunt covid ready.

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